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In conducting research for this project, I visited the following Libraries, Archives, and Research Centers:

The Chicago History Museum Research Center

The Chicago Park District Special Collections Archive

The Harold Washington Library Center

Chicago Public Library, Special Collections and Preservation Division, Neighborhood Research History Collection, Streeterville Collection 
1845, 1890-1931, 1940
The Illinois Regional Archives Depository at Northeastern Illinois University

The Newberry Library

The Northwestern University libraries, including the Pritzker Legal Research Center of the Northwestern University Law School.

Internet Resources:
Chicago Daily News Photographs from the Chicago History Museum collection
City of Chicago Graphic Information Systems – Division of Maps and Plats On-line Kiosk
Encyclopedia of Chicago – Online Version
Federal Township Plats of Illinois (1804-1891)
Google Book Search
Google Maps and Google Earth
Historic Architectural/Archaeological Resources (HAARGIS) Geographic Information System
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