Madeleine Grynsztejn, current and first female director of the MCA. She explains the museum's mission, how she sees her role as its director, and considers ways of defining contemporary art as the museum passes its 45th anniversary.
Lynne Warren, MCA curator. She first worked at the MCA in 1977 and curated her first show in 1981. We talked about the role of a curator, shows that she's curated, and the early history of the museum.
Helen Dunbeck, Director of Administration who started as a volunteer in 1975. We talked about her history at the museum, preparing for 1992's Art in the Armory: Occupied Territory exhibition, and Goldberg, the taxidermied dog at the Chicago Avenue Armory.
Mary Ittelson, the MCA's first associate director in 1988; past Chair of the Board of Trustees; Life member of the Board of Trustees. She spoke of meetings with Generals and others who were involved in transitioning the museum from its Ontario Street location to its present site.
Allen Turner, Chair of the Board of Trustees during the transition of the MCA from the Ontario St. location to the present site. He was also chair of the architect selection committee. In two separate conversations he explains the steps that were required for the transition, details the selection process, and tells why they chose Josef Paul Kleihues as the architect of the new MCA building.
Kevin Consey, Director of the MCA during the transition of the museum to the new site. Arriving in 1989 when he was 37 years old, he remained until 1998. We talked about those years, the pressures of directing a museum during a period of stress, and the monumental task of expanding all facets of the institution.

(Photograph from 2002 at the University of California, Berkeley Art Museum, in front of a Hans Hofmann painting in the collection. Courtesy of Kevin Consey.)