From March 1994 through February 1995, unbeknownst to MCA officials, neighbor Eileen Theis photographed the museum's construction from ground level and also from the window of her 13th floor apartment at 210 East Pearson Street. Her thorough record shows unparalleled aspects of the museum's formation.

Upon completion of her project, Theis donated a photo album of 64 prints to the MCA Library & Archives.

The open page spread to the right shows the second-story construction from above, and a ground level view of the developing structure.

The middle view at the right, shot from a block west on Chicago Avenue on November 30, 1994, includes the Engine Co. 98 fire station. The bottom right view shows a minimally landscaped Seneca Park.

Presented below are selected images from the photo album, courtesy of Eileen Theis and the MCA Library & Archives.
Photo, Nathan Keay. Courtesy of the MCA Library & Archives. Gift of Eileen Theis.