Shifting Grounds is an investigation of the history
and transformation of Chicago's Museum of
Contemporary Art and the land upon which it sits.


The Museum of
Contemporary Art
Organizational History
Exhibition History
The Original Location
Today's Museum
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Art in the Armory: Occupied Territory
The Exhibition
The Way of the Shovel:
Art as Archaeology

Shifting Grounds:
Museum Installation
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These overlaying map fragments illustrate the evolving lakeshore and plan of the area around today's Museum of Contemporary Art. The red dot indicates Block 21, today's MCA location,
as it appeared in 1892. The smallest inset map reveals that the ground was once underwater.

Animate the maps.
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1880s - 1920s
George W. Streeter & Streeterville
Filling in the Lakeshore
The Streeterville Neighborhood
Chicago Park District Grounds
1915 - 1992
The Armory Years
Block 21 & The Illinois National Guard
The Armory Building
The Black Horse Troop & Indoor Polo
Events at the Armory
Goldberg the Dog
Prequel & Companion Project:
Hidden Truths: The Chicago City Cemetery and Lincoln Park
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