This photograph of the Water Tower Fire Station, taken in August 2013, houses Engine Company 98 and Ambulance Company 11.
Built in 1902, and situated between the Pumping Station and Seneca Park, the firehouse is the other long-standing presence in Block 21
Chicago Daily Tribune, July 12, 1905
In 1981, the landmark status of the Water Tower and Pumping Station was extended to include the firehouse. But, later that year, its interior was jeapordized by conversations around removing Engine Co. 98 and commercializing the real estate. Talk indicated that the city could authorize its use as a retail or restaurant establishment. Arnold "Arnie" Morton, whose restaurant was nearby confirmed that he had been in talks with then-Mayor Jane Byrne to extend the building and have a fire museum with adjacent restaurant.

Arnie's plan and other attempts to remove the Chicago Fire Department from Block 21 have not succeeded.