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Museum of Contemporary Art - main page
                  Audio Conversations - main page
                                    Madeleine Grynsztejn
                                    Lynne Warren
                                    Helen Dunbeck
                                    Mary Ittelson
                                    Allen Turner
                                    Kevin Consey
                  Organizational History - main page
                                    Gallery of Contemporary Art
                                    Museum of Contemporary Art on Ontario
                                    MCA Chicago on Block 21
                  Exhibition History - main Page
                                    1967 – 1978: Original Museum
                                    1979 – 1995: Building Expansion
                                    1996 – 2013: Current Location
                  The Original Location - main page
                                    History of the Building
                                    Ontario Street Transitions
                  Transition to Today’s museum
                                    The Logistical Process
                                    The Architect
                                    Promotional Video
                                    The Armory Demolition
                                    Eileen Theis: The MCA Construction
                  Video clips
                  Art in the Armory: Occupied Territory – main page
                                    Director’s Introduction
                                    Inside the Armory Exhibition
                                    Jim Prinz: Inside the Armory

The Exhibition
                  The Way of the Shovel: Art as Archaeology                                          
                  Shifting Grounds: Museum Installation

1835 – 1871 Pre-History Until the Chicago Fire - main page
                  Audio Conversation: Carl Smith
                  The Developing Landscape - main page
                                    1836 Survey Plat
                                    Establishing the Streets
                                    William Lill’s Property
                                    Re-routing Pine Street
                  The Earlier Water Works - main page
                                    Materials related to the condition of Chicago’s water supply
                                          before the lake tunnel and crib
                                    Filth Ordinances
                  The Lake Tunnel & Two-mile crib - main page
                                    The Lake Tunnel      
                                    The Two-Mile Crib
                                    Tunnel Stories & Documentation
                                                      Tunnel Specifications
                                                      Contractors Plea & Citizens’ Petition
                                                      Newspaper Articles
                                    Tunnel Illustrations
                  The Water Tower & Pumping Station
                                    The Unchanging Water Tower & Pumping Station Amid an Evolving Landscape
                                    Construction and Laying the Corner Stone
                                    Cross Section Illustrations
                                    The Great Chicago Fire
                                    Water Tower Firehouse                                                              

1880s – 1992 George W. Streeter & Streeterville - main page
                  Audio conversation: David Van Zanten
                  Cap Streeter’s Saga – main page
                                    Cap Streeter’s Version
                                    Early Legal Actions
                                    A Creative But Fraudulent Claim
                                    The District of Lake Michigan
                                    Ongoing Reportage
                                    Cap Streeter’s Army
                                    Later Days               
                  Filling in the Lakeshore
                                    The Dumping Grounds
                                    The Changing Shoreline
                                    Photos of a barren Streeterville       
                                    Block 21
                  The Streeterville Neighborhood – main page
                                    Early Landowners & the Lake Shore Drive
                                    Riparian Rights & Law Suits
                                                      1889 Legislative Act
                                                      People v. Kirk
                                    Questionable Land Claims
                                    Building Boom
                  Chicago Park District Grounds – main page: Lincoln Park
                                    Lake Shore Park
                                    Seneca Park
                                    Lake Shore Park Activities                                                          

1915 – 1992 The Armory Years - main page

                  Audio conversation: Michael Butler
                  Block 21 & The Illinois National Guard – main page
                                    Clark Street Armory
                                    Land Acquisition
                                    Block 21 Camp
                                    World War I            
                                    Governor Thompson
                  The Armory Building – main page
                                    Building Evolution
                                    1926 Interiors
                                    Views of the Site
                                    1982 Floor Plans
                                    1987 Building Appraisal
                                    Donnelly Building Armory
                  Black Horse Troop & Arena Polo – main page
                                    Black Horse Troop
                                    Paul Butler Archive
                                    Polo at the Armory
                  Goldberg the Dog
                  Events at the Armory
                                    Ballroom Events
                                    Arena Horse Events               
                                    Arena Special Events
                  Art in the Armory: Occupied Territory   

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